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    Toilet Roll Manufacturer & Supplier in Doha, Qatar are manufacturing different ways for the eco-friendly concepts in the toilet paper manufacturing segment. There is a new concept of bamboo toilet paper introduced today that wins over the recycled toilet paper. There are several reasons that Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar are making their move towards the manufacturing of bamboo-based toilet paper.

    The recycled paper and bamboo toilet tissue papers are a matter of discussion among the users to choose as the new concepts have been promoted as alternatives to the normal virgin pulp rolls. During the COVID phase, people started buying higher quality paper and hygiene-related products due to the panic in their minds. The toilet roll companies have been promoting green and clean alternatives and the Maxi roll Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar is making their efforts to stick to their eco-friendly product manufacturing for supplying the best paper rolls.

    Bamboo toilet paper is a new concept and widely being used in the market due to the use of fewer chemicals being used. Here is the elaborated difference between bamboo and recycled toilet paper for understanding the real difference between these two:

    • Deforestation reduced with recycled paper

    Recycled toilet roll is eco-friendly as it doesn’t require cutting of trees for producing paper. The strength and quality of a paper are reduced each time on recycling. Virgin paper is even included by the Toilet Roll Manufacturer & Supplier in Doha, Qatar in the raw paper to make it stronger and easy to recycle. Toilet roll is the final stage for the paper recycling chain and with the purchase of recycled paper rolls, we encourage the continued deforestation. On the other hand, bamboo toilet rolls use bamboo plants, and each paper is manufactured with the pulp of bamboo plants.

    • Chemical usage

    The biggest advantage of using bamboo toilet rolls is that they use lesser chemicals than the recycled toilet roll. It only uses bleaching at the end but the recycled toilet paper requires a lot of chemicals for whitening, dying, BPA, and much more. Hence, bamboo rolls are the most suitable option for any sensitive skin issues.

    • Less energy usage

    The breakdown and mixture of recycled paper require a lot of energy in the process of breakdown, pressing, and manufacturing the rolls. It is easily done with the sophisticated machinery used by Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar but ultimately, there is a lot of energy and power consumption required for manufacturing the rolls. In bamboo rolls, the plant is harvested, harvested, boiled, and rolled into the paper without much power consumption requirements.

    • Renewable plant

    Bamboo can grow in inhospitable and harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t require a lot of care and is a renewable source that is harvested and doesn’t require any maintenance or re-planting. Similarly, recycled paper requires the procurement of paper to be used from different sources.

    • Better carbon footprint

    Carbon emissions from bamboo rolls are about 1/3rd times low than the recycled paper and about 2/3rd times reduced than the normal toiler rolls. The recycled toilet paper uses many chemicals for the bleaching and de-inking process, and hence, the emission of carbon is more. Toilet Roll Manufacturer & Supplier in Doha, Qatar produces the different types of tissues for the variable requirements.

    • Less water

    Water requirements for bamboo growth are much lower than the other trees. Hence, it is an easy and manageable plant for any environment and doesn’t require much care.

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    Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar

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