To maintain a clean office, you have to stay well-stocked with cleaning supplies at all times. What you by and in what quantities depend on your particular type of business, the size of the office, and your type of office. Work with a cleaning product supplier in Qatar will ensure that your office cleaning supplies needs are met.

    We are providing a checklist that should work for the average small to medium size company.

    If your company does not pay for professional cleaning services, the responsibility of keeping the office clean will have to fall on your team. This will mean coming up with a cleaning schedule and assigning tasks.

    Some things will have to be done daily, like emptying trashcans, wiping down high-contact surfaces, cleaning toilets, sinks, and bathroom fixtures, cleaning bathroom floors, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen sink, cleaning floors in common areas, getting rid of clutter, and sweeping the porch/outer area.

    Other tasks have to be taken care of on a weekly basis. These include vacuuming floors, dusting lamps, computers, and desks, wiping mirrors, and polishing any brass or silver. Any plants should be maintained by watering as needed and removing any dead leaves..


    Invest in a mop that is easy for everyone to use as well as durable. It has to be built to withstand heavy use, since it will probably be used every single day. Talk to a cleaning product supplier in Qatar to find out the best mop for your need.


    You need a pair of gloves to make it easier for people to clean the toilet, urinal, and bathroom sink. You might need another set of gloves for the kitchen.


    Shop for a sturdy broom that is easy to use for everyone.


    You need a bucket to facilitate moping of floors.


    Invest in disinfectants for cleaning all high-contact areas every day. This prevents bacterial or viral infections from spreading from one team member to another.

    Hand soap

    You can’t afford to run out of hand soap in the office. Hand washing is necessary for personal hygiene in the office.

    Air fresheners

    Sometimes odors infiltrate the office from the toilet or from food that is brought in. Invest in an air freshener for the toilet and another one for the common areas.

    Glass cleaning sprays

    These will help to keep windows and all glass surfaces clean.

    Paper towels

    Keep a steady supply of paper towels for people to use in the kitchen or when eating.

    Dish Soap

    Dish soap comes in handy for washing dishes every day. In any office where people eat or drink, dishes have to be washed regularly.


    You are going to need a wall and floor brush for cleaning tiled floors as well as a toilet brush specifically for the toilet. Carpeted floors will need a vacuum cleaner to get them completely clean.

    Toilet bowl cleaner

    Toilets definitely need daily cleaning. A strong toilet bowl cleaner that removes stains, kills germs,  as well as removes odors will be in order.


    Scouring pads and sponges don’t last long, especially in a busy environment. You need to buy them in multiples. Besides the dishes, there are so many surfaces that need cleaning and you might need different types of sponges to meet all your needs.

    Rubbish Bin and Bin Liners

    You need a rubbish been and a steady supply of bin liners to keep you all going.

    This list is not exhaustive by any means, but working with a cleaning products supplier in Qatar will help you to get what you need. For more details click here