• Your office can get dirty fast, to make your shiny floors disgusting. Regular cleaning is essential to keep your office always presentable and welcoming. Technology has advanced to simplify hectic cleaning with feasible mop buckets. Get quality cleaning equipment supplies in Doha form Hi care, also providing best commercial mop buckets to have clean and dry floors.

    To get rid of surprise messes, having commercial mop buckets and wringers are necessary in your cleaning supplies closet of your company. Choose suitable commercial mop buckets for your company with following suggestions.

    Commercial mop buckets and wringers are designed to suffice purposes, size of buildings and situations.


    To know which mop bucket will suit your purpose, being aware of the part, play a role.


    Wringer is used to keep excess water of the floor in order to have a safe floor. It allows to remove excess water out of the wet mop by pressing, thereby provides a non-slippery floor. There are different types and designs of wringers each serving its own specific benefits.

    Reverse press wringers are easy and comfortable to use as a lever is pulled to release water in ty emp back into the bucket. It has a compact design that fits properly inside the bucket.

    • Larger businesses with much space to be cleaned can choose reverse press wringer.
      Funnel type wringer is used by placing the head of the mop in the funnel and twisting it till you have desired saturation on your mop. It is an economical option to control the wetness of the mop. It is ideal to ensure safety due to its non-metal construction.
    • Places with minimal foot traffic a funnel type wringer can do the job. Its metal free option ensures safety at healthcare institutions.
      Side press wringer is used by pressing the lever on the side of the wringer to drain excess water from the mop into the bucket. Its high handle makes it the best option.
    • The places prone to surprise messes due to foot traffic and need immediate cleaning, side press wringer is ideal.
      Down press wringer is similar to side press wringer. It can be used by standing behind the bucket and press forward on the handle to drain water out of the mop. It requires less pressure and gives you a lot of control.
    • Most durable and ideal to maintain hygiene satisfying food and sanitary guidelines for restaurants.
    • Cleaning between meals, get ride of large spills, and maintain kitchen sanitary, down press wringers are the best.

    Among wringers there are plastic wringers and metal wringers for each commercial mop bucket. Compared to metal wringers, plastic wringers are more economical. It has a light weight construction. But the durable and non-corrosive nature of metal wringers also outweighs.

    Other parts of commercial mop buckets are bucket and dirty water bucket to improve the quality of cleaning.


    Red mop bucket is represented for high risk. For toilet and urinal which are prone to higher risk of contamination and bacteria, it is ideal

    Yellow mop bucket represents low risk. It is ideal for rest of the bathroom, like sinks and mirrors, or labs and gyms.

    Blue mop bucket is ideal for all purpose cleaning which includes office floors, hallways and work areas.

    Green mop bucket is represented for food service areas including kitchen.

    Black or grey mop bucket is ideal for front of house areas, including lobbies, hallways, food establishment etc.

    Simplify your cleaning with proper commercial mop buckets. Hi Care one of the best cleaning equipments supplies in Doha, aims to provide high quality hygiene.