• If you own an ancestral home where the major roofings, architraves, window frames, made of wood or you have a huge collection of those aesthetic fretted upholstery in your house, you may have confusions on their perseverance. Or if you would like to buy wooden furniture for your new home, it is necessary to understand their maintenance for keeping them smooth and long lasting.

    Here you find why you need to polish wooden furnitures, the different types of wood polish available and what is the best option to get it done.

    Why do you need to polish wooden furniture?

    Wooden furniture needs to be maintained regularly to keep them healthy. Some of the main reasons you need to consider for a wood polish at home are,

    ✓ Wooden objects subject to wear and tear naturally and from daily use.
    ✓ Heat and moisture affects wooden surfaces and gradually their natural properties tend to diminish.
    ✓ They may get torn from vermin attacks if you leave the wood unnoticed.

    Polishing them once in a while is what you must do to prevent these harms to your valuable wood.

    The different types of wood polish available in the market

    You can find a wide range of wood polish and varnishes available in the market. Many furniture polish suppliers in Doha, Qatar have categories in wood polishes, from which you can find your favourite ones. Find here Some of the suitable wood polish varieties available here.

    ✓ Transparent/ coloured varnishes ( find a UV resistant one)
    ✓ Drying/ non- drying Oil wood finish
    ✓ Wax finish
    ✓ Shellac for a glossy finish
    ✓ Water- based or Oil- based wood dyes
    ✓ Wood stain finish
    ✓ Solvent- based Lacquer finish
    ✓ Water-based finished
    ✓ The French polish
    ✓ Wood preserves to prevent insect damage

    What is the best option to get wood polish at home?

    Most of us are really fantastic in polishing furniture or painting our own home. But when it comes to choosing the right type of polish, most of us are novices here.

    What about we help you to find the perfect option? Hi- Care furniture polish suppliers in Doha, Qatar are the leading distributors of excellent quality wood polishes around the UAE. Our mission is to create user friendly and eco friendly products in cleaning and hygiene Solutions for diverse needs of the economy. Find the diversified range of wood polish products from Hi- Care online furniture polish suppliers in Doha, Qatar.