• The pandemic has made us realize that personal hygiene is something pressing and health is wealth. Along with personal hygiene, social hygiene has to be focused as man is a social being. Washing & sanitizing the hands frequently is the best way to prevent virus infections as we are all susceptible to diseases outside. So it is necessary to keep disinfected by using sanitizers, masks and other personal protection equipments at your home, office or wherever you are.

    Many brands have come up with innovative products in hand sanitizing which ease your work. Liquid and gel type sanitizers offer protection. Even spray type ones are popular these days as they are easy to use for sanitization. But all such sanitizers come on bottles and they don’t guarantee a secure sanitization. Because, as the bottled sanitizers are often touched by many persons, this may not be healthy every time. So better we go for a non- touch option. Using contactless/ touch- free sanitizers is an ideal solution for personal hygiene. We recommend you to get in touch with us as a reliable quality sanitizer dispenser supplier in Doha, Qatar to receive quality and branded hand sanitizer dispensers for every place to work or reside.

    Why do we need touch- free sanitizer dispensers?

    Sanitizing is the best way to prevent infections or epidemics. It can be best achieved if we use no- touch sanitizers like hand sanitizer dispensers. So what are the benefits of using hand sanitizer dispensers?

    Let’s discuss them now.

    • No- touch sanitizer dispensers provide extra safety as there is no contact between hands and the dispenser.
    • These are good options to use, especially at offices, large organizations or at events when there is a group working or interacting.
    • Hospitals and health care centers need extra hygiene. So a no- touch hand sanitizer dispenser is an essential in health sector
    • Schools, colleges and other educational institutions should follow extra hygiene guidelines as youngsters needed to be guided properly.
    • Touch- free sanitizer dispensers can be used for mass sanitization programs and installed at public gatherings to sanitize a large number of peoples.

    The best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers you can use

    1. Atlantis Automatic Touch less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (INR 2,500)
    2. MaikcQ Automatic Soap Dispenser (INR 3,999)
    3. Kent Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (INR 12,000)
    4. BlowHot ABS Automatic Soap Dispenser (INR 7,990)
    5. Euronics Sanitizer Dispenser
    6. Netboon Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    7. Cavani Nano Automatic hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    8. Dolphy Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    9. Homeshop Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    10. Askon Automatic hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    11. Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    HI- CARE, as a division of Hygiene Links group, provides simple and affordable solutions to day to day hygiene and cleaning. We are leading hand sanitizer dispenser suppliers in Doha, Qatar, supplying branded quality dispensers with advanced contactless technology with infrared sensors. Our products are perfect for offices, hospitals, workplaces, educational institutions and places where large number of peoples gather. They can be easily installed and mounted on walls with compact in designs and fits easily at all places.

    More than dispenser suppliers, we are one of the trusted hand soap manufacturer in Doha, Qatar, providing our positive contributions to the society’s health. We aim to provide eco-friendly products under the categories of plastic bags, detergents, disinfectants, cleaning products, paper products, cleaning equipments, PPE, aerosols and many other services which can cater to the society’s health & hygiene requirements.