• The tissue paper holds a prominent place in the house, office, or any building for that matter. You need handy tissues when you travel. Whenever you need to wipe your hand or blot a spill, the tissue is a dear accessory that will do the job impeccably well.

    And then mind you, tissue is not just used for cleaning up spills or stains, you can use tissue for wrapping, craft work and other purposes like wrapping delicate and fragile materials. When you search for Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar you will be able to see the different varieties of tissues for sale.

    Tissues are often distinguished as per their

    • Purpose and Use
    • Material and Quality
    • Thickness and Layers
    • Colour and Design
    • Texture and Finish

    The tissue might look innocent, adorning the corner of your living room or kitchen, but they are certainly indispensable and take up many roles. This is why you need to buy tissue paper as per your need.

    Purpose and Use

    So identify the purpose and use of the tissue. You might need facial tissue from the best Facial Tissue Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar if you travel constantly and need to keep a pair in your handbag all the time. You can also place them in each of your bedrooms and living rooms so everyone, especially children can follow hygiene practices without hesitation. If they have a cold or allergy, they don’t have to worry about carrying a hanky when they can easily pull a tissue from the roll/box.

    Material and Quality

    Tissue papers are mainly made from three kinds of raw materials like recycled paper pulp, wood-containing pulp or chemical pulp. Chemical pulp is also known as wood-free pulp or virgin fibre. Each of these raw materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and hence put into diverse functions.

    For example, you will find that the toilet roll manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar uses virgin fibre for manufacturing toilet rolls. This is because they are extremely soft. On the other hand, the paper tissue is made from bamboo pulp, and they are completely dye-free and chemical-free.

    Thickness and Layers

    The thickness of the tissue paper will improve the absorption greatly, so if you are looking for tissues with extra strong and ultra absorption quality, make sure you get them from a reputed Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar. Thick tissues are also good for gift wrapping.

    Colour and Design

    These two features are mainly useful for decorative tissue papers and facial tissues. Many companies use these tissue papers for branding purposes too. If you are ordering in bulk quantities or for your business, you can customise the colour and design to portray your brand.

    Texture and Finish

    Tissues with great textures and finishes are in great demand because they render aesthetic beauty to the place where they are replaced. Some tissues are smooth and some are crinkled. So make sure to buy tissue paper that’s aligned with your interest and purpose.

    Finally, if you are looking for the superior combination of softness, strength and absorbency, you can buy maxi tissues from the Maxi roll Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar.

    A lot goes in getting the right tissue paper. You can visit our website for the best tissue products, because, as trusted  Tissue Products Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar we have a huge collection of tissue papers for multiple purposes