• Students, faculty members and others are back to in-person educational settings after a long gap in the United Arab Emirates. That said, the rules, regulations and standards that apply to cleanliness may stay in place for a long time. Thanks to the long gap in reopening, staff and students want the reassurance that the right disinfecting and cleaning products are in place at their schools. This is where we also play a part as a hand sanitizer dispenser supplier in Doha, Qatar (more on this later).

    Do you operate a school in the UAE or work in one? If so, be sure to improve the cleaning efforts at your institution, plus confirm the availability of hand hygiene, disinfecting and cleaning products there. This will aid in reducing the stress associated with the transmission of germs as your staff and students get used to the normalcy of in-person education. As a cleaning material supplier in Doha, Qatar, we would recommend the following to help ensure the hygiene quality at your school.

    Use The Right Goods Against Viruses

    It is important to regularly address several surfaces in a school environment where physical contact is on the higher side. As a school facility manager, you should consider which products will be effective against coronavirus and other viruses in your area. Some products available with a cleaning material supplier in Doha, Qatar, or elsewhere, have specific contact times and kill claims that should be followed to ensure effectiveness. The products also come with application instructions, which you should follow for properly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

    Stock Up Soap Dispensers

    An effective way of reducing germs on human hands is to follow hand hygiene. It is important in a school environment. Do you have enough soap in the dispenser installed at your facility? Closely monitor the level of soap to confirm that it is more than enough for students and staff to frequently clean their hands. Whenever you feel that there is a shortage, feel free to buy the product from a hand sanitizer dispenser supplier in Doha, Qatar, as well.

    Strategically Install Sanitizer Dispensers

    Setting up hand sanitizer dispensing equipment at a facility can aid in promoting positive hygiene behavior. This is especially the case in a school environment. Do you have these pieces of equipment at key school locations such as classroom entrances, around doorways from playgrounds, and outside of your school library? If not, contact a hand sanitizer dispenser supplier in Doha, Qatar, to order the equipment in the required quantities. It is important to have these equipment units in place to offer a fast and effective hygiene option, especially when water and soap are unavailable.

    Final Thoughts

    Hand hygiene in school environments will contribute a lot to preventing illness right through the next school year. It is important to offer an effective and easy-to-use handwashing option so that you can feel confident about the safety and health of your staff and students. The fact that they move around the facility poses a risk for not just cross-contamination but also infection spread. So, take the appropriate measures to ensure hand hygiene, including doing business with a cleaning chemical supplier and manufacturer in Doha, Qatar, when necessary.