• There are innumerable hygiene products in the market. Choosing the right one keeping in mind the social responsibility is vital. Trash bags are one of the primary product which helps in maintaining hygiene. They are unavoidable in any cleaning process. Trash bags are usually made of plastic. The harmful plastic in it can pose threat to the environment. Here is where eco-friendly/compostable trash bags come into use. Single-use plastic trash bags can get piled up and cause harm to environment and in turn to us. Hence the most viable option is to use sustainable bags. Plastic manufacturing process is also harmful to the environment. Greenhouse gases are emitted during the process. Plastic bags also cause ocean pollution. Therefore to protect the environment as well as yourselves choose trash bags which are eco-friendly like compostable, bio-degradable, reusable and recyclable bags. Hi-Care, eco friendly plastic bags manufacturers in Doha, Qatar offers trash bags of highest quality which are not only useful but also sustainable.

    Advantages of using eco-friendly/compostable trash bags

    Manufactured in a sustainable manner

    Regular plastic trash bags are made from fossil fuels and they release chemicals which are toxic to the environment. Regular bags contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which in turn lead to climate change and global warming. On the other hand eco-friendly/compostable trash bags do not emit such toxic gases during manufacturing. Compostable and biodegradable trash bags are made using raw materials which are environment friendly.

    Easily decomposable

    Eco-friendly/compostable trash bags break down quickly compared to the regular plastic bags. They are easily decomposable and therefore reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

    Less pollution

    Eco-friendly/compostable trash bags are effective in reducing water, air and land pollution. Conventional plastic bags can contaminate environment and cause pollution which will eventually affect all living beings.

    Things to keep in mind while buying eco friendly trash bags


    While choosing eco friendly trash bags look out for third party certifications. Bags with proper certificate ensure that they are authentic and sustainable.

    Raw Materials

    Check out the raw materials used in the manufacturing of bags. Eco-friendly bags are made of materials which break down easily without releasing any toxicity to the environment.

    Leak proof

    While buying bags make sure it serves your purpose. Trash bags which leak can lead to mess and bad odor. Instead of a clean surrounding they lead to unhygienic surrounding.

    Load-bearing strength

    Trash bags should have high load bearing strength. A trash bag with low load bearing strength is of no use to anyone.

    Physical Attributes

    If you are purchasing trash bags for your company or office you may want to customize the bags. Therefore check out for the physical attributes of the bag like its size, thickness, colour, micron etc. If you need printing in the bags go for it.

    Company and Brand

    It is recommended to buy bags of good brands from well known companies. They will not only use high grade products but also will offer excellent service.

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