• We love to keep our house always welcoming with super shiny floors, dust-free furniture and clean walls. Clean floors are the, most important element of a clean and hygienic home. But it can be sometimes backbreaking to wipe off the floors and hence, the new technology, cleaning equipment and methods suffice easy cleaning of the floors. The most popular tool for floor cleaning is floor wipes. As a reliable cleaning equipment supplier in Doha, Qatar, Hi Care recommends quality products for floor cleaning. And thereby, we are trusted as the floor wiper supplier in Doha, Qatar.

    Cleaning the house can seem to be a daunting task, but with the right materials to wipe the floor, you can achieve the expected results easily. Floor wipe suppliers in Doha, Qatar claims the merits of using a floor wiper for cleaning, and hence in the hunt to buy the right floor wipe, there are some factors to keep in mind.

    Why use a floor wiper?

    The purpose of using a floor wiper is to technically reach every single corner of your house and ensure a completely clean house. The choice of a floor wiper must satisfy comfortability and should be friendly enough to keep your house clean in a single wipe. Mops were much popular till recent times, but the efficiency of the floor wipers is winning over the cleaning supplies closet of every house.

    We talk about some of the things you might have to keep a check on before selecting your floor wipers and making your floors picture-perfect.

    Choose flat wipers

    Flat wipers are recommended by the best floor wiper suppliers in Doha, Qatar. They are ideal to keep your corners clean. When attached to clothes at the end of the wipers, it moves and reaches every corner of the house, and gets rid of the stains. It provides a high grip, making it easy to handle and making yourself comfortable to make hard-to-reach areas clean easily. But dominant stains cannot be removed using merely a flat wiper.

    Spin floor wipers

    Most people have trouble in rotating the floor wipers on the floors, as it tends to either remove the cloth attached or break itself. And so, spin floor wipers are revolutionary. It has a rotating shaft that enables you to clean the floors in a circular motion. The super absorbent microfiber material attached to the spin floor wipers cleans the floor and leaves no corner unattended. The rotating ability in circular motion makes it capable to absorb small, tiny dust and particles on the floors. It is cost-effective as it can be easily washed and reused for a long time.

    Spray mechanism wipers

    Technology has advanced in the field of cleaning products too. Floor wipers now possess a spray mechanism making them much easier to use. There is no need to dip the mop or floor wiper in water when you want to mop the floor, rather you have to just press the button to spray before you mop the floor. The easy-to-use and retract handle feature made it special.

    Sponge floor wipes

    It is a special product with liquid-based things that will absorb particles, dust etc with its wetness. There will be no droplets or residues on the floor as it absorbs everything completely.