Brooms and Mops

Hi-Care is one of the largest brooms and mop suppliers in Qatar .We provide professional and innovative cleaning solutions to household and different other industries. Our brooms and mop collection consist of trendy and efficient soft brooms, floor hard brooms, hand brush, toilet brush, airport mops, Kentucky mops, vita mops and various other products. The offered Floor Cleaning Brooms and mops are available in various sizes and colors. They are used for cleaning wet floors as well as dry floors. The handles of brooms and mops are made of good quality plastic, offering good grip.

Through our constant supply of high quality cleaning materials, we have earned a reputed position in the Middle Eastern market. Manufactured using premium quality materials from reliable sources, our brooms and mops are very strong and withstand the passage of time.

Cleaning Products Manufacturers in Doha, Qatar

Hi-Care is the leading institutional, industrial and domestic cleaning product manufacturer and supplier with uncompromising efficiency, extremely affordable prices and protection in Qatar. It began with Mr. Mubarak Thallab Al Hajeri
(Chariman) along with Mr Salim Al Hajeri (board of directors) in 2009 under the competent and dynamic leadership. We hold a firm foothold on the market in Qatar with 10 years of experience in the manufacture of cleaning products. Our
vision is that Hi-Care will become a national brand, and every business in Qatar will have a common name. Our own R&D team works closely with our sales team to allow the product to be tailored to suit your needs. We follow up the
distribution with a flawless after-sales operation, because you are not only a customer but also a good partner.

We respect the time commitment that we have given you. Our sophisticated inventory management tools guarantee the fastest possible turnaround from receipt to product / service delivery. With its experiences working with renowned brands
in the hospitality, manufacturing, and health industries, Hi-Care is renowned for manufacturing its quality industrial cleaning products already. Our product range comprises liquid washes, toilets cleaners, glass cleansers, floor and
bathroom cleaners and wipe offs.

With our healthy formulations, environmentally sustainable packaging and best corporate practices, we operate our business in a way that acknowledges its impact on environmental and human health. We have a strong commitment to a sustainable environment. Our efforts are a result of our dedication to safeguarding our clients, our staff, our societies and our environment. . During our time in business, we have gained integrity as part of our corporate image.
Therefore, we can proudly say that we are a leading manufacturer of cleaning products in Qatar.

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