Floor & Glass Wiper

Floor Wipers Supplier in Doha, Qatar

Hi-Care was founded in 2009 as a manufacturer and supplier of cleaning material such as hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer dispenser, mop bucket, floor wiper, etc., and extended its services to customers and to our partnerships with clients.

Our products are obtained from reputable producers and suppliers. We only import from our well known suppliers for quality products. For our products, which cover a considerable area, we have a sophisticated warehouse unit. This warehouse enables us to easily store our products in their high condition.

We can supply a wide range of colorful floor wipers. The handles of our floor wipers are made of different materials such as titanium, steel , plastic and fiber. All of our floor wipers are completely organized and can be easily controlled. Some of our floor wipers have solid silicone rubber with a proper water absorption and long service life. For cleaning tiles and other types of dirt, our wipers are perfect. The cleaner absolutely removes liquid from the floor. Our handles provide a comfortable handle and make cleaning of the wet surface simple.

Our large range of floor wipers are available in different sizes and measurements, from which the customer can pick its product according to demand.

We are committed to environmental safety and thus most of our goods are environmentally friendly, sustainable and comply with international standards of quality. We are currently operating in all the sectors of Doha, Qatar .

The most demanding product of our company is floor wipers in all over Doha, Qatar.

Over the years , we have built up a strong network of near business contacts that give customers easy and reliable services, quality goods with rapid delivery time, at competitive prices. Our experts will respond to all your quotes in compliance with any of your requests.