Product Name:Air Freshener Dispenser (Hi Care)
Brand:Hi care
Code:HL YW4
Packing:1×1 Pc


Description :

Air Freshener Dispenser for Home

Hi-Care offers the number one air fresheners for your homes as well as for your offices. Air fresheners help in removing bad odours and are a part of hygiene and cleanliness. Today automatic air freshener dispenser for home are very much favoured just like in commercial spaces. They create an image of cleanliness and hygiene. Hi-care air freshener dispenser for home is stylish with slim design which will complement your home decor. It can be placed in any room where good fragrance is desired. The fragrance from these dispensers can cover a wide area and is not limited to few metres. They are sure to entice anyone entering your home. The air freshener dispensers in Qatar are available in different sizes with inbuilt modes for adjustment.

Right way contact Hi-Care for air freshener dispenser for home and other industrial spaces.