Product Name:Maxi Roll (M-Tork)
Brand:Hi care
Size:700 gm, 850 gm, 900 gm, 1 Ply & Ply
Packing:1×6 Rolls

Maxi roll Manufacturer & supplier in Doha, Qatar

Hi-Care’s Maxi Rolls are designed to provide its customers with optimum comfort. These rolls are built according to the users’ requirements and are therefore very convenient. The Maxi Rolls are highly absorbing and hygienic in their feeling. Their usage can vary from the cleaning of kitchens to restaurants and shopping malls.These rolls are also capable of water-side absorbing oil and this leads to double-stage resolution.

We are a world-class manufacturer and supplier of Maxi rolls in Doha, Qatar. We provide you with Maxi Rolls that are not only cost-effective, but also of top quality and strength. Maxi rolls are wrapped in a product for complete protection. It is extremely tear resistant, water-resistant and highly flexible as well. Using quality as an enabler to help us to increase our market share is our dedication to customer loyalty and unlocking value.

We agree that ‘tradition and modernity go hand in hand’ meaning that, as part of our traditions, we respect long-term partnerships and yet accept the modern values of creativity and quality.

Our Maxi Rolls are very popular with customers for their incomprehensive excellence and ecological simplicity. As it can endure wet and dry conditions and keep your home clean and hygienic, it is certainly a compliment to your kitchen and bathroom. This is the key reason behind being a best manufacturer and supplier of Maxi rolls in Doha, Qatar.

At a price that is economical and realistic, we make these rolls available in bulk or retail. We supply various industries worldwide with these rolls of paper. So, please place your order with us and get the rolls delivered in great time to your position.