* 100% biodegradable
* Customized size
* Customized Micron/thickness
* Customized Colour
* High load-bearing strength
* Customized Printing

Eco friendly plastic bags manufacturers In Doha, Qatar

We are aware that our products are updated in order to protect the environment. We are 100% eco-friendly bag manufacturers and suppliers, which is better supplemented by plastic food containers, bags and items for day-to-day use In Doha, Qatar.

Hi-Care is a leading eco-friendly bag manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler in Doha , Qatar. We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of bags, but in the Qatar market, our eco-friendly bags are most in demand. We are the source of different kinds of bags for different fields such as Industrial, Retail, Manufacturing, Chemical, Electronic, Military, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Agriculture, Food, Medical, Automotive, and Plastic & Packaging Wholesale Distributors. The reason behind being a leading source is our quality products. The bacteria or other organisms found in the field can decompose our eco-friendly bags very easily. Paper, or polycaprolactone and organic materials are used to manufacture these eco-friendly bags.

Our highly trained sales team can process your order promptly and efficiently. You are helped by a warm and polite team, well informed of all kinds of eco-friendly bags when you call us. Our team members will provide you intelligently prior to your order with information and advice on necessary documents and office supplies.

In our clients’ management we believe in good moral principles, we grow through creativity. We combine fairness, integrity and business ethics in all areas of running our businesses.