Product Name : Waste segregation bins 776
Category : Waste Segregation Bins
Brand : Hi care
Code : GR 776
Specifications : 406(D)x813(w)x1219(H)MM
Size : 60 ltr x 3

Recycle Bin supplier in Doha, Qatar

We are delighted that we help maintain the clean and hygienic environment by supplying our reputable customers with quality recycling bins at the lowest price.

By using innovative technologies, your customers reuse and recycle anything and divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

Mainly in three colours, recycled bins are available.

  • Blue bins is used for recyclable waste
  • Brown bin is used for garden waste
  • For non-recyclable and food waste, green or grey bins are used

The right waste in the right bin can be used to properly recycle.

We offer the best quality of our products as a customer-orientated company. Our strong network to promote our products exclusively covers national and international markets. We work to meet clients’ demands in order to meet our clients’ needs with the best quality of service with our prestigious client group and a strong network.

Hi-Care is proud to support and provide its clients with critical and reliable recycling bins delivery services in Doha, Qatar. Our reputable manufacturers from various countries of the world import our recycling bins. Our manufacturers trust that only quality products are manufactured. The quality is never compromised. We make sure our quotes are economical for our clients.