• Tissue Dispensers are important hygiene products. All the restrooms will have tissue dispensers. Tissue dispensers are a necessity. Hygiene products should be of high quality since they are directly used and come in contact with the skin. Products which are of low grade will lead to infections and allergies. The same applies for tissue dispensers. Hi-Care, the leading supplier of hygiene products have excellent maxi roll tissue dispenser. While buying tissue dispensers you should not randomly select them. You have to examine whether they will serve your purpose well.

    Why Hi-care auto cut maxi roll dispenser
    •  Best in the market

    Maxi roll tissue dispenser of Hi-Care is undoubtedly the finest dispenser in the market. They can be placed as per your convenience at your preferred place.

    •  Made with high quality materials

    The dispenser and tissue of Hi-Care are made of high quality materials. The tissues are soft and useful. They are made with right weight, thickness an appearance. They are anti-allergic and mild on skin. People with sensitive skin can also use it without any apprehension.

    • Long lasting

    Hi-Care maxi roll tissue dispenser guarantees durability. The dispenser and the tissue will last long. The dispenser will not get damaged easily.

    • Comes with good features

    The tissues are made using good paper pulp. They are comfortable to use and have good absorbency, strength, stretch, bulk and brightness. The auto cut maxi roll dispenser comes with sensor and superb designs. The sensor enables automatic dispensing of tissue and no touch feature. They are also available in different size and elegant designs.

    • Effective

    With outstanding features the maxi roll tissue dispenser is effective and gives you the desired result. You can use it anytime. Hi-Care never compromise on quality and that can be seen in our products too. You can use our products with complete confidence.

    • Trusted and renowned brand

    Hi-care is a trusted and renowned brand and this has made us into one of the most sought after brand. We have extensive range of products which covers all types of hygiene solutions. They are made keeping in mind the best interest of our customers. We deliver what we promise.

    •  Industry Standards

    All the products of Hi-Care are pertaining to industry standards. They have been properly quality tested. The products are reliable and depndable.

    • Appreciative Packing

    Products of Hi-Care come in outstanding packing. They are packed with care and the materials used for the packing ensures that the product delivered to you is not damaged. Just like keeping up with quality products we give importance to its packing too. Auto cut maxi roll dispenser of Hi-Care comes in suitable and exceptional packing.