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Cleaning Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in Doha, Qatar

Cleaning chemicals are used to clean, degrease, sanitize, and disinfect to keep the surroundings maintained. Different kinds of cleaning chemicals are used for different purposes. We are a leading cleaning chemical manufacturer and supplier in Qatar. With our loyal customers’ huge support in the years following the establishment of Hi-Care in 2009, it has increased from strength to strength. We were now the manufacturer of high quality, industrial and household cleaning chemicals. We offer a variety of clients and companies, including hotels , restaurants, housekeeping services, etc. Over the years we have become well aware of a broad variety of regular issues and problems that are faced by those who clean.

All Cleaning Chemicals are formulated well and have immediate results effective. Cleaning chemicals that we supply are packaged in quality-checked, leak-resistant bottles and cans to protect their properties for a long period of time. Our products are biodegradable and eco friendly.

Value for money is also important for everyone. For this purpose, we aim towards providing the best products, designed specifically to fit your cleaning needs and clean the entire hygienic area at the lowest price. Our goal is to streamline the amount of cleaning items historically forced to be purchased by clients. We also swiftly and adequately track all customer requests before and after sales.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer & Supplier in Doha, Qatar

A hand sanitizer applied on the hands to kill common pathogens (organisms responsible for the diseases), is also called the hand antiseptic. Hand sanitizers are typically available in foam, gel or liquid form. Hi-Care is a leading manufacturer and supplier in Doha, Qatar. Our hand sanitizer is based on 75% alcohol which is non-irritating, non-sticky and friendly to sensitive skin, fragrance infused. It sterilizes and inhibits bacteria, with an antibacterial rate of 99.9%. It protects you from the dangerous virus and bacterias.

Features of our hand sanitizers are :

1. Kills bacteria and germs effectively
The bacteriostatic rate is 99.9 percent, removing common bacteria directly and creating a sterilizing protective layer of the skin, effectively inhibiting regeneration of the bacteria.
2. Maintains the skin softness and keeps it hydrated.
Specially added glycerin essence and moisturizing ingredients, lasting skincare, long-term moisture retention, moisturizing hands.
3. Patented construction of the bottle which is very portable.

The consistency of our products and services to our clients encompasses our reputation. Hi-Care supplies the hand sanitizers to various well-known and reputable clients such as, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, schools etc.

As a manufacturer of cleaning products such as hand sanitizers in Doha, Qatar, we have great confidence in delivering fair prices, and our factory is very familiar with all the equipment and materials needed to manufacture hand sanitizers thanks to the mature automated production line, so we can track the cost perfectly while maintaining the quality of your personal label sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Supplier in Doha, Qatar

Hi-Care is a leading supplier of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in Doha, Qatar. We supply various types of hand sanitizer dispensers in all over Doha, Qatar. Hand Sanitizer dispensers are used to dispense bulk liquid soaps and sanitizers. The dispensers are available in sensor operated and manually operated versions. For hotels, offices, train stations, factories, and many more, we offer a great hand sanitizer dispenser that is suitable.

Hi-Care is a wall-mounted hand wash dispenser supplier in Doha, Qatar that can be easily affixed to any wall. This can be fixed right at the entrance gate and at any suitable venue.
The prices we have are comparatively low compared to our rivals.
Our Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is entirely based on a free sensor.
Hi-Care guarantees the durability and consistency of all of our items. We assure you that you do not face any challenge and that we have the best customer service team to help you if you find a problem with your products.
Most hand wash dispensers supplied by us are made of plastic, but some are of stainless steel also. Our series of dispensers are specially built to dispense the exact amount of hand sanitizing to avoid waste. They offer cost-effective productivity results.
We focus particularly on protecting our customers’ transactions! For additional questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Disinfectant Manufacturer and Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Disinfectant Manufacturer and Suppliers in Doha, Qatar
Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality health products like disinfectants in many industries, including hospitality, pharmaceuticals, Health Treatment, and many more in Doha, Qatar.
Our disinfectant is intended to avoid public health and safety by removing the infectious pathogens found in objects that people eventually interact with.
Chemical disinfectants are used on tiles, windows, tables, etc. They prevent the growth of microorganisms and are effective on rigid surfaces. In addition, they are used in different kinds of sanitizers used to clean and disinfect surfaces, windows , doors, and others.
The disinfectant can easily be diluted with clean water. After dilution, add a mist, mop or brush. It is safer to leave the surface for a couple of minutes before rinsing it with water. Full bactericidal surgery will take a short time before the disinfectant can be rinsed off.
Hi-Care is aimed at delivering goods and services of superior quality that offer better business opportunities to our customers.
We are now one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of disinfectants in Doha, Qatar with this objective.
Our strong relationship with our clients gives us an exceptional insight into the problems they face. We work together to build practices that are sound, stable and sustainable. Hi-Care offers a respectful range of products, a broad range of specialized technologies and solutions to our customers.

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