Garbage Bags

Virgin plastic bags & Garbage Bag Manufacturer in Doha, Qatar

Hi-Care recognizes its duty to protect the earth by limiting carbon footprints with respect to Going-Green.

Hi-Care is committed to healthy and environmentally friendly management of its activities. Therefore, we take all the responsibilities to manufacturer eco-friendly virgin bags with high quality raw materials.

With the supervision of the high-quality Virgin Bags in Doha, Qatar, we maintain the highest quality standards.

Innovative shapes, excellent finishes, smooth sensations, simple usability and endurance are some of the key product specifications. Furthermore our products can be easily customized for customers in different styles, sizes and colours.

The key fact of our business is that, with an outstanding service delivery, we guarantee that the high-quality virgin bags manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery run by the experienced team appear to be a shared success for all stakeholders. Hi-Care is therefore amongst the best Virgin Bag manufacturers in Doha, Qatar.

We test several parameters such as size dimensions, sealing and handle welding, film strength in machine and cross directions, the ability of a loaded bag to withstand the stresses encountered whilst jogging, determining the loss of print from the plastic film surface, the opaqueness, etc.

Our strategy plan is focused on a diversification of the market risk, focuses only for large dealers and offers quality environmentally friendly goods at reasonable prices.

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