Mop Buckets & Trolley

HI-CARE offers finest quality Mop bucket trolleys to enhance the experience of floor cleaning. Being the top Mop bucket trolley supplier in Qatar, we deliver to our customers the most easy and practical solution for mopping the floors. We supplies a wide range of Mop bucket trolleys and accessories such as multifunctional janitorial carts, single mop bucket, double mop bucket and wringers. Our mop bucket trolleys are very useful for both domestic as well as industrial cleaning purposes as they can reduce the mopping and squeezing work load.

The wringers attached to our mop bucket trolleys are available in both plastic and steel. When compared to traditional hand squeezing method, one single push on the wringer can squeeze out major part of the liquid from mop cloth without any mess. The bucket part of the trolley contains the contaminated liquid and is very convenient to dispose off. Our mop bucket trolleys are available in different colors and sizes satisfying our customer’s requirements. Due to the grade of plastic used in the manufacturing process, they can resist a lot of chemicals. They are obviously a must have to your floor cleaning routine as they will reduce your work load almost by half.

Mop Bucket Supplier in Doha, Qatar

Even the various types of cleaning products are available in the market, still Mop buckets are indispensable. We are a leading supplier of mop buckets in the market of Doha, Qatar. Our mop buckets are manufactured from high quality plastic materials which are certified by worldwide standardization institutions for their simple, ergonomic design, and remain indispensable in all areas from shopping mall cleaning to hospital / school / building cleaning.

We have been excellent suppliers of mop buckets by following the good business strategies. These items are very effective and helpful to the consumer; they are highly applauded for their perfect dies. They are made of the best raw material of quality and are checked and tested before distribution on different parameters. The price of this product is extremely competitive and we deliver the highest product quality on the market.

All of our products, and especially mop buckets, come with the best guarantees in the industry. They are designed to take heavy use into account at airports, large offices with several thousand individuals and industrial and corporate canteens. All the materials and components are carefully chosen so that our products can be used after installation for many years.

Our goal is to be a worldwide brand as a supplier of mop buckets that is responsible for managing customer needs by creating innovative, cost-effective and environmental-friendly differences through product and service solutions in all countries of the world.

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